Thursday, October 23, 2008

Beadalon Offer

Update: Super-fast delivery ! I received two spools of Wild Fire today, only a couple days after ordering ! They sent me one spool of 12 lb in green and 10 lb in black, 50 yds each ! It says thermally bonded beadweaving thread-cannot be pierced with a needle. I hope I like working with it. I haven't been able to find a price anywhere because they didn't include a cover letter, just a catalog, but with no prices.
I got the following message through my website:

Subject: fireline
Message: Drop me a line and I will send you samples of our new Wild Fire. We have had many FireLine users say they like it much better.

Best regards,

Drew Potter

440 Highlands Blvd.
Coatesville, PA 19320
866-423-2325 x116
FAX: 610-384-7260

I sent my request for the samples, because I would love to have something less slippery and more supple, like Nymo thread (see my previous post where I mention my dislike for Fireline-what good timing !). I'll report back on the new thread after I receive it, or if anyone else tries it, please leave a comment.

Incremental Progress

Talk about lazy-that's been me lately. Spending way too much time on Facebook, reading blogs, watching TV and trying to referee the new kitty/old kitty battles. I haven't completed any new beading projects in months it seems. The newest project I've started which is still a WIP, is a brick stitch pin. I had some round metal pins (brooch) and have been experimenting with adapting the brick stitch earring design. I encircled the disc with wraps of Fireline and have been using a copper color palette. I intend to cover the wraps on the back with ultrasuede and stitch it down. Since I hate working with Fireline, I tend to put this project down frequently, but wanted to use it to prevent the metal edge from cutting the thread. Wish me luck on finishing this before Thanksgiving !

In other beading news, I'm enjoying using my new Beadalon sticky gel pad in my beading tin (the blue stuff in the photo). It's great for keeping beads from rolling.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

New Art Venue Opening

There's a new art and craft gallery in Hyattsville, MD called Artists on the Avenue and I will be showing my jewelry there. There are 30 artists, so it is quite an eclectic mix of art. This Saturday is the grand opening celebration which features the opportunity to make your own fused glass pendant for free !