Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Back on Track

PRS9E5, originally uploaded by ambrosianbeads.

After one entry in the Flickr group, Embellishing the Runway, followed by a series of now UFOs, I've managed to finish a bracelet to complement last week's winning (team competition) outfit, designed by Anya.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Triangle Earrings

I love to make beaded triangles as do many beadweavers, but when I submit items for jurying at Potomac Fiber Arts Gallery, there is a limit on what we call "like items." In other words, don't submit production work, or work that is so similar, it looks like you just cranked out a batch of the same design even if using different colors...making it a little tough on the beaded triangle addict. Hence this design which I came up with around midnight, the night before jurying. I turned the ol' triangle on its edge, added a moonstone oval drop bead and voila, a new design (for me at least). This pair went in the gallery, but I can make another just like it in case someone orders from my Etsy shop...did I mention, I LOVE TRIANGLES ???

Embellishing the Runway (with beads !)

Project Runway season 9 is in full swing, and this year, I decided (last minute) to join in the fun of designing accessories for each week's winning outfit and posting them in a Flickr group called
Embellishing the Runway. I knew about it last year from my beading friends on Facebook but didn't think I could keep up at the time. This year seems right so I joined a day before the first week deadline. I managed to create a simple bracelet which captures the colors of the winning design by Bert Keeter. I used a basic four bead herringbone stitch which works up quickly and chose some greys and orange (the closest thing I had was more of a pumpkin color). The winning design for this week seems to have stirred up alot of controversy and I'm late starting so it looks like some midnight beading sessions are in order this week ! More pictures posted in the coming weeks (fingers/beading needles crossed !)