Monday, May 26, 2008

Identify this stitch !

Identify this stitch !, originally uploaded by ambrosianbeads.

A friend asked me to repair this necklace. All it needs is a new loop, so I accepted. Usually, I decline repairs of jewelry that I didn't make. Obviously, this is some type of African stitch, and according to Carol Huber Cypher's Mastering Beadwork, it resembles African Polygon. It looks interesting enough to try, so if anyone has any knowledge, please pass it this way. THX


HDB said...

Carol, can you e-mail a different pic? my resolution is playing tricks on my eyes. I have Diane Fitzgerald's Zulu Inspired book and I'd like to compare this to her photos. Thanks! Linda

retrothreads said...

I just added a scan, so hopefully, the stitch will be easier to see. It's three-sided (triangular) which you can see in the photo, but not the scan.

Anonymous said...

It looks like a Zulu Square Tube, just done with 3 sides instead of 4. Diane Fitzgerald has great instructions for it. It's a fun stitch, but keep an eye on your tension.

JulietaTocadosytiaras said...

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