Thursday, October 23, 2008

Incremental Progress

Talk about lazy-that's been me lately. Spending way too much time on Facebook, reading blogs, watching TV and trying to referee the new kitty/old kitty battles. I haven't completed any new beading projects in months it seems. The newest project I've started which is still a WIP, is a brick stitch pin. I had some round metal pins (brooch) and have been experimenting with adapting the brick stitch earring design. I encircled the disc with wraps of Fireline and have been using a copper color palette. I intend to cover the wraps on the back with ultrasuede and stitch it down. Since I hate working with Fireline, I tend to put this project down frequently, but wanted to use it to prevent the metal edge from cutting the thread. Wish me luck on finishing this before Thanksgiving !

In other beading news, I'm enjoying using my new Beadalon sticky gel pad in my beading tin (the blue stuff in the photo). It's great for keeping beads from rolling.

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