Friday, January 2, 2009

Writing Instructions for Designs

I have so many designs that I would love to write instructions for, but I always hit a brick wall when it comes to including good diagrams. Since I'm a cheapskate, I'm not about to spend $300 on some drawing program which takes a college course to learn how to use. So I've been battling with the programs pre-installed on my computer plus limited trial use and freebie programs. I can't seem to find a program (that I can figure out) that allows you to move the circles or ovals (bead shapes) around and put them where you want them. They always seem to jump to some pre-determined location. Plus I would love to make them look 3-D, etc.

I have had a bit of luck, though, after reading some messages on the BeadTool Lovers Yahoo group list where I discovered the free program, Inkscape, along with a link to this fantastic tutorial which is soooooper dumbed down, just what I need ! I worked my way through the detailed instructions, was able to create some 3-D bead shapes, numbered them and was trying to do the final step which is drawing a thread path, and for some reason, the lines keep disappearing ! And I was so close to getting it. I'm determined and will try again because people are asking me for certain patterns and all I have been able to do is take photos of each step. It's a very time-consuming effort and often I'm not satisfied with the detail of some shots. Once the item is made, I'm not going to make another exact copy just to work up to that point for a re-do of a photo :P

A customer was requesting the pattern for my Chevron Chain and Peyote Bracelet and the other day I got lucky and remembered that the pattern had been available on the Bead Bugle website. I had sold the design to Bead Bugle about five years ago (for a little more than the price of a finished bracelet :P) and decided to check for it. Lo and behold, it's still there. I don't know how many millions (lol) they have made off of it, but at least I was able to give my customer the opportunity to get it immediately. Back to working with Inkscape now !


AuntieAnnie said...

I could not make Inkscape work. I use Microsoft Publisher, which came with my computer, to write instructions. Powerpoint I understand works too. said...

So beautifull and i love green....amasing work, your are good.