Monday, July 5, 2010

"Adrift" Freeform Bracelet

"Adrift" Freeform Bracelet, originally uploaded by ambrosianbeads.

Again, a tale of procrastination and inertia but with a happy ending ! This bracelet started out as a project for the EBW Spring Swap, but I had a hard time moving ahead using these colors....they just don't motivate me. I used them because my swap partner liked "earth tones." I searched my bead stash for the "earthiest" bead colors I could find, and found only a few. The clock was ticking and the shape kept growing and I couldn't stop it, but knew I didn't have enough time to let it grow into the size it wanted to be. So I set it aside and started the round pendant (see previous blog post).

Fast forward a couple months and the as yet unfinished bracelet...determined to submit a completely new item to the recent gallery show, I took it out and let it reach it's destined size. It was kind of growing on me, but I probably won't attempt using these colors again anytime soon. Finished in time for the gallery jury day, I submitted it and it was accepted, and just a week later it sold to a lady from France ! And I'm happy to report, I've also sold a necklace I finished last December and three pairs of earrings ! I think my "year of inertia" has finally come to a close :-)

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I like this! Funny and full of color!

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Rio said...

All the work on here is beautiful, but I think this is my favourite. Something in this design but in blacks and golds would be STUNNING.

love Rio