Tuesday, December 9, 2008

..because I'm smart enough...


I was checking out the Talent Database profile of a very talented beadweaver Three Fates Design and decided to take a look at all my "acknowledgements." I realized that I am doing pretty well to get all these compliments and wanted to share the words that others have said about my work. I'm glad I've been able to get my beadwork out there and get such great feedback from other talented artists. Here are some of the comments on my Talent Database profile:

"And work is fantastic as always. :-)"
"excellent work and compositions in your portfolio. Keep up the great talent."
"Stunning work!!! And blue freeform bracelet is a masterpiece!!!!"
"Your beadwork is truly amazing. You have the most unique, interesting and beautiful pieces."
"I admire your work"
"WOW! I bow down and stand in awe...I do a bit of beadweaving, but nothing even approaching your work. Most beautiful!"
"I'm so glad to see you on here and to watch your beautiful beadwork from home! :)"
"Beautiful free form beading."
"I love your triangle twister bracelet.... it's so funky and different... LOVE it!"
"This is not just bead work, this BEAD WORK. Your creations are gorgeous."
"You have some of the most unusual and beautiful pieces."
"Stunning designs. I'm so impressed and in awe when I see designs like yours, you have such strong skills with intricate seed bead work!"
"I find your work amazing. Love the freeform look."
"Lovely work. I wish I had the patience for seed bead work sometimes ... especially when I see beautiful work like yours."
"The Russian Leaf pieces are great"
"Beautiful knitted necklaces, love the pink beads."
"I am such an admirer of your free-form beadweaving! It amazes what you can create with a needle, some thread, and those fabulous seed beads

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The Lone Beader® said...

I had not heard of that site. Good luck with it! :D