Friday, December 19, 2008

Brick Stitch Violin

Years ago when I first started beadweaving, my brother encouraged me to make some violin themed jewelry to sell at our family's violin shop. At the time, I was learning peyote stitch and didn't yet know how to do odd-count peyote (still haven't tried it, but I found some good tutorials recently). Plus, I hadn't learned brick stitch yet. The violin shape eluded me. Well, my brother got me started thinking about it again, and I decided to try it in brick stitch, and "viola" (ha, ha, I mean, "voila"-so funny when people write "viola" instead, that's the instrument I play !), and it looks halfway decent ! The size is an inch and a half, a little large (and obnoxious) for earrings, but made a nice, tiny pendant. I won't be wearing it however...every year, I get enough violin themed jewelry, ornaments and mugs to line a thrift store (where it ends up after the student quits !) BTW, I made the pattern with BeadTool 2.0 (need to upgrade, but it works pretty well).

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